Summer is starting to wind down

Well, it’s been a very busy, fun, exciting, exhilarating time. Lot’s of things happened this last couple of months. I have been doing so many things, except writing. But it is summer time and this is the time for all the outdoor projects to get done. Regardless of yard maintenance and revamping our grounds, there has been significant developments in our lives.

My stepson, who’s been living with us the past four years, got his own place. We helped with his packing and moving this last week. Saturday was the final move day. We have some great guys help us with his heavy things. Without this help, it would have killed us doing it by ourselves.

With his moving, it created a new space for me. I now have a fully functional office where I can finally display all of my writing toys. Yes, I have toys. These are spaceships and collectable items that inspire my writing. Being in a small open area in my kitchen before, my writing prowess will have field day now.

I’ve already been able to jump back into Ream of Revein’sev (book 6 in the Warlords Series) and wrote an entire chapter in one day. This is something I’ve struggled with for a few weeks. But, my schedule has been pretty crazy, but boy did it ever feel great sitting in my real office and tape out to my hearts content on my new keyboard and mouse. (My old keyboard had seen better days… let me tell you as it was going on twelve years.)

With that being said, let the fingers tickle that keyboard and I feel another chapter ready to pour outta me.

Until next time, this is author Brian K. Larson, sparking imaginations, one book at a time.

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