New Releases

Coming this December, the sixth and final Warlords book will be released!!

That’s right, December 6th you’ll be able to download or order your print book titled

Return to Revein’sev

In this sixth Warlords installment, Danielle once again teams up with Darnash, Race Jennings and Ruki Grey’con, who must begin a quest to return a sick little Chipper to the Realm. It all begins as an innocent plan to save the squirrel-like creature from dying in their world. But when they return to the Realm, they’re faced with a new dilemma; one that must require a sacrifice.

Will they choose the right path before it’s too late to save the Antarians from extinction?
What happens next will shock you.

The Bron Vis’Ka has overcome the Kron’Shulooka and healed the Antarians of being Warlords…

… But at what cost? Will the price be too high? Find out in this series finale, Return to Revein’sev..

I’m very happy to announce that the third book to the Pirates series is now complete.

Check it out today and click on that thar link

Why yes, yes I do have a cookbook…

This is a fun cook book with lots of easy to make recipes. Not only are these easy, they’re very economical.

Even your kiddos will enjoy helping you in the kitchen.

For my 8 1/2 square softcover, click here —>

Hardcover 8 1/2 square is coming soon…

Next up will be book number 6 in the Warlords series.

I’ve already begun plotting and prepping for this. This gets underway right after the 3rd Pirates…