Short sample in Return to Revein’sev

Here’s a short four-hundred word sample from book 6 in the Warlords Series, “Return to Revein’sev.”

Stay tuned as this will be wrapping up in a few short weeks.

Three distinct wisps of dark fog formed. The wind intensified before the face of E’nor’Ta formed in the wind, “I am more powerful than you!” the ghostly apparition echoed across the rocky hills of Bragora.

“I will not let you have my staff,” Race protested, then yanked the staff and twirled it around his head before planted the base firmly to the ground.

A wave of power dispersed across the ground, flowing outward causing the forming face to deform and blow apart in the wind.

The form of Dumakas on one side and Tumaleka on the other, the wisps of their Ela’voo continued reaching with wisps gasping for Race’s staff. The wisps faded and the winds died down as the power wave carried the Ela’voo along with the energy.

Race lifted the staff base from the ground and turned to Danielle and Dumakas, “We don’t have much time. They’ll be back in a few ma’na’ta.”

“Right you are, Race,” Darnash agreed, “Down this path we must go.”

“The cave that leads to the mirror is way up above the Shabe’Tu,” Danielle said as she ran with Race and Darnash.

“You road the beast the last time, my Queen,” Darnash pointed upward as they rounded the path’s corner. “This will be a difficult climb to complete in a few ma’na’ta.”

“I don’t think I can awaken the dragon creature until I have the sword!”

Danielle then skidded to a halt before Darnash and Race saw what she saw.

Over the hill, a large dragon’s head rose from its resting place. Puffs of smoke smoldered from its nostrils as the beast awakened. The creature licked its tongue and smacked moisture across its dry lips as its eyes opened, displaying the beast’s vertical slitted pupils.

“Oh man!” Race exclaimed as he instinctively held the soft glowing staff horizontally out in front of him.
Each end of the staff began displaying a shower of sparks. Then he began stepping closer to the creature.

Danielle came to his side and held a hand on his shoulder, “Be careful, Race.”

“I think we’ll be fine,” Race said, taking another step closer to the creature.

“My Bron Vis’Ka spoke to the creature the last time. I don’t know if the Shabe’Tu will listen to my voice again.”

“Well, you were able to speak to it before. Maybe I can speak to it this time with the help of Gor’con’s staff.”

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