Finally, a diagnosis for my eye

Well, after almost 3 hours at the eye clinic yesterday, I have a diagnosis on my blurry and double vision.

Apparently, the cornea in my left eye is warped. No explanation as to why and why all of a sudden. It’s very odd, he says. So, I told him it matches my personality of oddness and warped.

It’s called Monocular Diplopia caused by corneal ectasia which is a weakling of the cornea. Basically, the cornea becomes excessively thin and weak, and isn’t able to hold the normal eye pressure. Thus, it starts bulging out. The doctor explained it like pressing in on a balloon changing the shape. This causes the light to not reflect properly making the visual distortions of blurry and double vision.

Fortunately, there is a solution that might work. This is aside from a chemical a procedure that’s not guaranteed, or a cornea transplant; which is one idea really don’t want.

I’m going to schedule an appointment with my optometrist to fit me with one gas permeable ridged contact. Wearing this one hard contact lens will reshape the cornea when wearing. Then I have to have a new left lens made for my glasses so I can were them over the contact to correct the vision. He says since I have astigmatism, the contact will correct for that, so the left lens can’t correct for that, together.

The ophthalmologist doesn’t know why this has happened as this typically occurs earlier in life or after LASIK surgery. He also says rubbing your eyes can cause the cornea to warp. I’m not an eye rubber, but a word of caution if you do. Don’t do it.

For now, I’m going to get scheduled for this special contact fitting. I’m hoping I will adapt to this. I used to wear soft contacts years ago, but stopped because I needed readers and didn’t like taking them on and off. I even tried mono vision contacts, but it was not real good at the time. But now, since I’ll be wearing glasses to correct my vision over the contact, I just have to get used to putting them in.

So, as a funny side note, I told them that at least I got to wear steampunk glasses. I also noticed after, that I’m waring R2-D2…

Now, it’s time to get back into writing today. Finishing chapter 6 in Return to Revein’sev.

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