Been a challenging year already

Some of you might have wondered why I’ve been MIA, again. Well, I have a few health concerns that I’ve been dealing with. Some of which, I’ve already explained that I’ve got a pretty messed up neck and back. So bad, apparently, that the crushed and pinched nerves in my neck, has created several neurological symptoms. All of which, mimic Multiple Sclerosis or MS.

Late October, I got a new pair of glasses. I got through the eye test and was corrected to 20/10 in both eyes. I had a prism in my last prescription to correct a slight issue with double vision. Well, after my exam, we discovered I wasn’t having that issue, so it was taken out. A few weeks after seeing great in my new glasses, things began looking odd to me. It was like wearing the wrong prescription. I covered my left eye and everything was cleared up. Covering my right eye makes everything blurry and that double vision issue is back. But it’s only in one eye.

I went in for a recheck and the doctor is only able to correct my left eye to 20/70 and no matter what combination of prim the doctor tried, it was no longer correcting that issue. So, I was referred to an eye specialist. Even the digital image of my eyes have not revealed any underlying cause.

I’ve waited nearly a month to get in to a specialist. They’re first available appointment was 3 1/2 weeks out. So, tomorrow it it. I go in to, hopefully find out what the heck is going on now.

The ophthalmologist says it’s neurological if it’s only one eye. My neurologist says no, it’s not neurological if it’s only one eye. So, who do you believe, anyway?

So, there you have it. I’ve been taking lots of breaks to rest my eyes and my back and that’s why things are progressing on the slow side these days. Wish me luck tomorrow. I’ll be offline due to my eyes being dilated, but I’ll keep y’all updated.

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