Writing Book 6 in Warlords

Wow, I’m feelin’ my groove. It feels great to be writing in the Warlords series. It always seems to flow so naturally in these books. At times it feels as if I’ve already written the thing.

The characters are all returning, Race Jennings and his antics. Poor Race, he’s always getting teased, but he makes it easy for them too. Now, after traveling to the Realm in book 5, he’s taken on Antarian traits with Danielle, who carries the Bron Vis’Ka. Now both are more Antarian than human. Ruki Grey’con and Darnash join up with them to Return to Revein’sev in an effort to save the little alien squirrel that hijacked her way with them when they returned to Earth. Now, the creature is taken ill and the team decide that Chipper must be returned to the Realm to save the creature’s life. Meanwhile, Admiral Jedidiah Fitz commands the fleet and is in search of the Formal Admiral Gilmore, who opposes Jed in helping the Antarians.

The Antarian’s desire as Warlords has been taken away by the blood spirit, Bron Vis’Ka, which was written in the ancient Antarian Blood Scroll. But now that the Kron’Shulooka has been removed, they face total inhalation as they refuse to fight, even to save themselves.

Stay Tuned for more tidbits as I spin this latest tale. Oh, yes, and there will be plenty of dragons and dragon blood spirit within…

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