Author History Made already in 2023

Well, to start off this 2023 new year, I have made author history over up in here…

That’s right, I clicked the submit button this morning on Findaway Voices and my very first self published, narrated & produced, audio book.

Pirates of the Galactic Empire: Roadmap to Paradise is coming to Spotify & Author Direct very soon.

They say it could take up to 30 days to approve and publish, but, I’ve heard Findaway Voices are much faster.

This audio book turned out absolutely fantastic and is chalk full of background music, special effects and unique voices for the main characters.

This was challenging, yet rewarding. I have discovered a hidden talent and thanks to all the support and encouragement from my wife, Diana, to give me the courage to try, this has become a reality.

The end result will be very rewarding. But, I need all your help getting the word out.

Check out the samples in my blog for a taste of what’s coming. There will be 65 different outlets and libraries this is published on, including Audible. However, ACX could take a bit longer as I’m waiting for the old version to be removed , which could be any day now.

I’ll keep you all informed when this is out. Until then, it’s off to start Act 2: Gone Rogue…

#SparkingImaginations #audiobooks #Spotify #spotifyartist #spotifyaudio

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