Sneak peek into Realm of Revein’sev (Book 6 in Warlords)

Many ask how my writing process is going. I want to share a sample from my current work. This is from book 6 in the Warlords series titled Return to Revein’sev. In this sequence, Major Race Jennings meets with Gor’con in the spirit realm called Revein’sev. Ruki Grey’con, the Empress of Antares accompanies Race along with the little squirrel-like creature named, Chipper. After consuming Antarian blood in the last book, Realm of Revein’sev, he is now changing into an Antarian, who actually are Sasquatch from Earth. Race is delivering Gor’con’s staff, after his death, and meets him at the Mountains of Ramari.

Race watched as the spirit being, Gor’con, held the glowing staff. Shimmering in the light, Gor’con’s body solidified. Ruki’s eye’s widened and her brow rose at the sight.

Gor’con opened his eyes after taking in the feeling of his new body, then, shot Race a piercing glare and shouted, “Let your training begin!”

Swinging the glowing staff, Gor’con aimed his strike at Race, who instinctively deflected this first blow. Chipper leaped from Race’s shoulder, hit the ground, and rolled three times.

The staff swung up and around Gor’con’s head before flying down towards the top of Race’s head. Crossing his arms over his head, he successfully defected the second blow.

“RACE!” Ruki shouted as she attempted to step in front of Gor’con.

Chipper stood back near the looking-glass exit and watched as Race defended every blow.

Whisps of fog swirled around Ruki. As the mist wrapped around the glowing staff, another Antarian took form. Then, the staff continued to move through the air as Gor’con spun around. Extending the staff out, he aimed at Race’s ribs, but he moved swiftly and blocked the incoming strike with a sidekick with his foot. 

The forming Antarian wrapped around Ruki, taking her to the ground in a tackle. Then, the Antarian changed back to the whisps of white fog and swirled around in the air, close by.

Chipper chattered her approval at Race’s performance as Gor’con continued swing after swing, and Race glanced each hit away. Then all at once, Gor’con stopped swinging and planted the base of his staff on the ground before him. Chipper ceased chattering as Race paused in a defensive stance. Then Ruki joined Race, holding position at his backside.

“Well done, Race,” Gor’con praised through a wide smile.

“What the heck was that all about?!” Race protested, refusing to lower his guard.

“You came to deliver my staff and to seek my help, did you not?”

“Yeah, I kinda did—but why the attack?”

Chipper added her protest by scolding Gor’con with her small voice and twitching tail.

“And who was with you to prevent my interference?” Ruki asked.

The wisps of misting fog flowed back to the glowing staff and wrapped around it above Gor’con’s hands. The mystery Antarian began to take shape. First, the hands formed. The large fingers and hair-covered knuckles solidified. Then, the arms appeared, and then the body. Finally, the misting fog changed to large hairy muscular legs and the torso grew up to the neck before the Antarian’s head revealed who he was.

“Ma’Ruuk!” exclaimed the two.

Chipper jumped up and down, clapping her front paws together.

“Why did you do this?” Ruki exclaimed.

“The help Race sought is training. We are in the mountains of Ramari. The place of training, it is,” Ma’Ruuk answered. “It is where I trained Danielle and it is where Gor’con will train you, for what lies ahead.”

“What lies ahead, anyway?”

“Still an inquisitive human,” Gor’con laughed. “You must put aside those human traits and do this, more as Antarian!”

Ma’Ruuk removed his hand from the glowing staff and changed back into the wisps of fog, leaving Gor’con swinging his staff at Race once more.

Chipper chattered at Race as a warning of the attack.

Race, remaining on the defensive, kicked with his foot, deflecting the staff. Then, jumping to the side, he dove at the ground and rolled away from the next striking blow.

“I’ll give you more Antarian, alright!” Race shouted with rage, then leaped at Gor’con’s feet, missing his next attack. Connecting with his feet, Race knocked Gor’con off balance and to the ground. Grabbing the staff, Race pulled it from Gor’con, causing him to vanish along with Ma’Ruuk. The wisps flowed and swirled all around them as Race continued to hold the staff.   

 “Ha! Is that Antarian enough?” boasted Race. “Yeah, huh-huh. Is that all ya’ got, big guy?” Race paced back and forth, reading Gor’con and being ready for any move.

“That’s enough, my Race,” Ruki advised. “You got him on this round.”

“Whattya mean this round?”

One wisp of fog flew up to the staff and swirled around Race’s hand. Steam issued from under his grip. Letting out a yelp, Race let go of the staff, “Hey, OW! What the hell?!”

Chipper again chattered her protests as Ruki said, “The vapor burned your hand, Race! Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay, that really hurts!”

The staff rose from the ground with Gor’con’s apparition forming once again.

This caused Race to forget about his burning hand and leaped at the staff. His grip pulled the staff with Gor’con’s form solidifying. The two struggled for the staff’s ownership.

“I’m beginning to understand what’s happening, my Race,” Ruki shouted, “This staff is allowing them to manifest as corporeal beings, once more.”

Gor’con held the staff with one hand and held a palm up with his other,” You did very well, Race,” he praised, “You have come a very long way. You are nearly ready.”

Chipper squeaked her approval and jumped vigorously, again. Her face seemingly smiling all the while.

Another set of hands swirled around the staff, forming Ma’Ruuk. His eyes looked deep into Race. Race relaxed his stance and listened to what this ancient Antarian had to say.

Then, Ma’Ruuk began, “This training is, indeed, very necessary. The thing that you must do, is nearly before you.”

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. 

Until next time, this is Author, Brian K. Larson, sparking imaginations, one book at a time.

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