BIG NEWS!! The Return of ‘Everything Sci-Fi’

I very excited to announce that I’m returning to Eat Sleep Write, hosted by Adam Scull.

After a long hiatus, Adam has returned with the site that hosts various author blogs and their backstories. Adam is a long time photographer that was involved with Studio 54 back in the eighties. Now, he’s back hosting podcasts and author blogs.

This is a VERY strange story. A story that I’ve not even shared with Adam as yet. Last week my wife and I were just talking about Adam, wondering whatever happened to him and where he is today? The very next morning, Adam popped in on my instant messenger, inviting me to return to his web as a blogger. About six years ago, I was highly active on his blog, writing a weekly article titled Everything Sci-Fi. I had also done some podcast interviews on my writing journey. Unfortunately, I had to take a break from this due to my physical issues going on. Now that I have a handle on them, I was more than ready to accept. So, effective immediately, I’m now a part of the Eat Sleep Write community one again and have committed to writing my weekly blog.

Yeah, I was hesitant at first since I do have these physical limitations… Well, I decided to do this regardless of my issues. I told Adam, “I can’t let these issues control me. I have to control them.” This will also be one of my blogs in the coming weeks.

You can find my first story, with updates, which was originally posted here, over there on my own blog page. Click this link to find me there.

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