The diagnosis is in

Well, I’ve been officially diagnosed with Keratoconus (pronounced keh-ruh-tow-kow-nuhs) in my left eye.

A condition in which the clear tissue on the front of the eye (cornea) bulges outward. With keratoconus, the clear, dome-shaped tissue that covers the eye (cornea) thins and bulges outward into a cone shape. Its cause is unknown.

This usually shows up in puberty or late teens, so, they’re mystified as to why now?

But the good news is, I can get this special contact and new glasses to see better.

I go in on the 7th for the fitting and then again to get it. But then, I’ll have to get the new glasses, so it’s a process.

They want to see me every six months to check it it’s changing. It it is changing significantly, there’s another procedure that will help.

I’m hoping I can tolerate the thing in my eye. Time will tell.

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